VASS Legislative Initiatives
2013 - 2014

Budget and Funding

·        VASS supports an extension of the current time-line to fully fund the VRS funds to 4 biennium budgets (instead of 3) in order to diminish the fiscal impacts on local governing bodies.

·        VASS supports an increase in the state SOQ funding. Currently, most VA school divisions are operating with state funding that is below FY07 levels.

·        VASS supports the full funding of SOQ mandates.

·        VASS supports the removal of the SOQ Support Position Cap to more accurately reflect current practice in local school divisions.

·        VASS supports increased flexibility in local use of SOQ funding.


Assessment and Accountability

·        VASS encourages a delay in the implementation of the A-F grading system.

·        VASS supports a reduction in the total number of mandated SOL Exams for students (currently 34).

·        VASS supports the establishment of a State-wide taskforce to address reform of the Standards 0f Learning assessment and accountability system. Among the Items to address:

o   The piloting of alternate assessment and accountability measures (instead of SOL Exams) in selected school divisions.

o   Encourage the inclusion of alternate assessment and accountability measures in any reforms to the state accountability system.

o   The use of a tiered assessment system for state accountability that could include state mandated tests, locally developed assessments, and existing external examinations such as the PSAT or A.P. test.

o   The inclusion of the sampling of student work (vs. testing all students) at various grade levels in any reforms to the state accountability system.