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BIG NAThe title of this year's conference, "Igniting Leadership," represents our intent to inspire you to become re-invigorated in your jobs as well as to reflect eight brief "Ignite" sessions presented by your colleagues throughout the conference.  During the five-minute Ignite Sessions, one representative from each region will discuss what motivates him or her to get up in the morning and tackle the problems and issues that you face on a daily basis.  This conference feature should prove to be both fun and interesting.
Another unique feature is the pre-conference session on Sunday afternoon, “Inspirational Professional Development Planned Around Ted Talks,” which will model quality professional development through the viewing and discussion of motivational Ted Talks.  The Town of West Point Public Schools Superintendent Laura Abel, who serves on the VASS Professional Development Committee, will facilitate this inspiring and productive session.
Gary Marx, Adam Saenz, Melvin Leland, Manny Scott, and Dave Burgess headline program at 2017 VASS Annual Spring Conference, May 7-9 at the Hotel Roanoke.  Each speaker is exceptional in his quality of delivery and ability to motivate his audience.  Several speakers outside the field of education will provide interesting insights as to how to deal with adversity in the workplace and how to strike a healthy balance between jobs and personal lives.