Members in the News: "Everyone Needs a Mrs. Bailey" by Bill Sroufe
Members in the News:

 presentation based upon their short conversation. It dawned on Bill that if a man of Leland’s stature could be affected by only brief snippet of his experiences, then certainly the entire story should be told.

The target audiences for Bill’s novel are educators and educational leaders as well as those who enjoy the work of authors such as Ron Clark and Elissa Wall. It is also for youth and/or victims of childhood abuse who seek a story of hope and healing.

The first part of Bill’s memoir is a vivid, emotional account of his journey. It is his hope that by sharing his story he will inspire and help other adults look beyond the emotional luggage a kid carries. He also wants to make sure children and teenagers know that no matter what happens to them it doesn't define who they are. As educators, parents and compassionate adults, Bill believes we have not only the opportunity to help them understand and believe this, but the responsibility as well. In the second part, Bill shares some of his personal experiences as an educator - some wins and some losses, when it came to creating relationships with youth, as well as exchanges and experiences he witnessed along his journey.

His previous published works includes two books of poetry Words.from a Journal (2014) and Starting a Conversation: Poems and Prose (2017) both by Akmaeon Publishing. He also did feature story for Airman Magazine , The Pilot, and The Roanoke Times.

If you would like to read a full copy of Bill’s manuscript for Everyone Needs a Mrs. Bailey please contact him at

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