FREE Use of NetRef Services to Address Pandemic Issues

NetRef is a Virginia-based technology company and wants to offer any assistance and help to Virginia School Divisions.  We are offering FREE usage of NetRef beyond the 14 days listed on the flyer for Virginia Divisions. 

  • NetRef can be set up either with or without teacher involvement.  We understand that teachers have a lot of their plates right now and don’t want to over burden but provide useful data and also ensure kids are using devices appropriately.
  • With teacher involvement provides all classroom management functionality as well as all data and usage reports for teachers and building and central office admin.
  • Without teacher involvement you would still have usage, attendance and engagement data reports and
  • Set up for either implementation would take about 20 minutes or so.  We provide all services – implementation, SIS integration, technical support and training
  • We can set up very quickly and pull data from your SIS so there is minimal effort on your end.  


Virginia Association of School Superintendents
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