Planning for Fall 2020 School Reopenings

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Partnering with Edgenuity® can help you build a reopening plan that addresses your biggest concerns, including being adaptable so you can contend with the changing conditions in your community.

Edgenuity has been helping schools and districts expand their learning offerings and incorporate online instruction for years, including during the school closures in the spring. With our Courseware, schools and districts get access to over 300 SOL-aligned, online courses for core curriculum, world languages, career and general electives, and initial and credit recovery. Our courses are easily customized, and can be used in blended or hybrid models so you can transition to a new school schedule while still giving your students a high-quality education.

To help ensure students are ready for learning in the fall, we offer:

  • For middle- and high-school students, Booster Courses and concept recovery modules to help students learn essential content and skills in math and ELA courses.
  • For elementary students, Pathblazer® for Summer School/Fall Readiness and On-Level Mastery, which provides over 60 hours of supplemental instruction in the core subjects.
  • For educators and K–12 students, social and emotional learning (SEL) courses and modules to help address emotional challenges and concerns and build a school- or district-wide culture of SEL.
  • For teachers and administrators, targeted professional development that prepares educators to implement Edgenuity in a virtual or hybrid instructional model.

Additionally, our Instructional Services offering enables you to establish and run your own virtual program or school. Doing so can help you keep students whose parents may choose to keep them home—and the ADM funds associated with them—in your district, while also enabling you to more easily transition to fully virtual learning as needed.

Our Instructional Services comes with multiple layers of support, including virtual instructors that prioritize building relationships with students, Special Education Coordinators who help ensure all student needs and accommodations are met, on-demand tutoring in secondary core subject areas, and guidance, support, and training so your implementation is successful.

For educators interested in learning more about how Edgenuity can help you develop your reopening plan, watch our webinar about flexible digital learning approaches for partial school reopenings and contact Anne Widener for more information.

Anne Widener, M. Ed.
Virginia Account Executive

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