VASS Developing Strategic Plan for Professional Development

VASS Professional Development Strategic Plan

Committee members stressed the importance of connecting VASS professional development with the new “Profile of a Virginia Graduate” and looking at superintendents’ needs in terms of leadership competencies to move Virginia’s new education reforms forward. They discussed several organizations that already provide professional development for superintendents with respect to leadership for education reform - JFF; CCSSO; Ed Leadership 21; Innovation Learning Network – and identified the areas upon which these organizations focus their training: adaptive leadership; entrepreneurial leadership; risk-taking; alternative thinking; resources development.

The Committee will meet again on March 9 in Richmond to discuss the vision, mission and goals for VASS professional development and to develop a specific plan for the next 5 years that addresses who does what when and where and resources that will be required. The professional development plan will be submitted to the VASS Board of Directors for approval at the May 6 Board meeting and go into effect immediately once it’s approved.

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