Business Membership Registration


Membership Basics

Any business or organization deemed by the VASS members and/or VASS staff to be in good standing with the organization is eligible to become a VASS Business Member.

There are seven different levels of membership in VASS from which companies can choose.

Level One is the Standard Business Affiliate Membership, which is required for businesses that wish to participate in any VASS event.

Businesses can choose to support VASS to a greater extent by selecting to become an Exhibitor (Level Two), Sponsor (Level Three), Associate Partner (Level Four), Senior Associate Partner (Level Five), Partner (Level Six), or Senior Partner (Level Seven).

Membership runs for a full calendar year after the registration date.

For the 2018 VASS Spring Conference we are offering a special discounted rate ($3,750) for businesses which choose to be both Exhibitors AND Sponsors.

Registration Information

Any mistakes made filling out the registration will be highlighted.

Once you have filled out the registration completely and submitted the registration, you will see an on-screen message thanking you for your submission, and the person or people whom you have designated to receive a confirmation email should see that email (with registration information included) within 24 hours.

Payment Information

An invoice will be sent via email to the person identified as the Billing Contact for Business Affiliates, Exhibitors, and Sponsors.

Partners (Levels Four – Seven) will be sent a partnership contract by Andy Stamp, VASS Associate Executive Director.

All businesses which register at Levels Two – Seven will be contacted by either Liza Scallet or Andy Stamp.

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