Virginia Superintendents Leadership Academy (2020-2021)

2020-2021 Cohort Presentation



The Virginia Superintendents Leadership Academy (VSLA) is a 12-month competency-based training program designed for sitting Virginia superintendents who desire to serve as leading change agents through innovation and deeper learning in their school division. The Academy bases its curriculum on the acquisition of leadership competencies identified in the Profile of a Virginia Leader, which was presented to the Virginia Board of Education in July 2020. There are a number of superintendent academies throughout the country; however, the VSLA is the only academy uniquely designed to meet the challenges and opportunities of Virginia superintendents. Participants who successfully complete VSLA requirements will receive a Certificate of Recognition from the Governor.

The VSLA incorporates elements of the American Association of School Administrators’ (AASA) national models for superintendent “Professional Standards for Educational Leaders” (National Policy Board for Educational Leaders), which serve as the basis for AASA’s Leadership Academy and National Superintendent Certification Program®.

Participation in the VSLA is a significant investment in personal and professional growth. It institutionalizes lessons learned and provides tangible follow-up leading to student success. The Capstone Project is the authentic artifact produced by participants in the Academy. Each Capstone Project will be linked to the Professional Standards for Education Leaders as well as being grounded in the Profiles of a Virginia Leader, Graduate, Classroom and Educator. The ultimate purpose of the VSLA Capstone Project is to provide participants with an opportunity to apply their experiences, knowledge and skills in real-world settings.

The program is structured around four module conferences, three digital meetings, executive coaching, and each participant’s Capstone Project, which is focused on a contemporary problem of practice. Participants examine, analyze, and investigate approaches to innovation, deeper learning, and engagement for superintendents as lead change agents who demonstrate outstanding instructional leadership and address the needs of increasingly diverse student populations through the lens of equity for all students. Participants are assigned an Executive Coach—a current or recently retired superintendent, whose primary responsibility is to help support the superintendent and facilitate the Capstone Project.

The VSLA works in collaboration with key partners throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia to ensure a common focus and language around the Virginia Profiles of a Leader, Graduate, Classroom, and Educator.

For more information, contact: Marcus J. Newsome
Director, Virginia Superintendents Leadership Academy
Phone: (804) 930-7448

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