Retired Superintendent Membership

2021 - 2022

We encourage all retired superintendents of Virginia School Divisions to stay involved in their profession by becoming VASS Retired Superintendent Members.

Retired superintendents have a wealth of knowledge and understanding gained through years of experience, and their VASS membership provides them with opportunities to share their expertise with Virginia’s active superintendents. 

Retired superintendents are welcome to consult on policy issues, mentor emerging leaders, or volunteer to help their professional peers in any other way which fits their time and talents. 

Retired Superintendent Members are also eligible to be selected to serve as Executive Coaches for new superintendents and as Consultants or Team Leaders for Educational Services Reviews on a “Fee for Service” basis. 

If you are interested in learning more about how you can continue to be involved in VASS as a Retired Superintendent, or if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact Liza Scallet, the VASS Administrative Assistant .

Membership Fee

The annual dues for a Retired Superintendent Member are $100. This fee covers your membership through June 30, 2022.


A VASS Retired Superintendent Member is eligible to:
  • Attend VASS Conferences and Workshops at member price
  • Be Recognized at VASS Events
  • Receive Communications sent to Active Superintendents on Pedagogical Issues
  • Receive Legislative Updates sent to Active Superintendents
  • Gain Access to “Superintendents Only” Private Portal Pages on the VASS Website
  • Serve as an Executive Coach for New Superintendents
  • Serve as a Consultant or Team Leader for VASS Educational Services Reviews on a “Fee for Service” basis

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