Superintendent / Division Membership Benefits

The purpose of the Virginia Association of School Superintendents is to provide leadership in advocating for the needs of public school students through policy development and other appropriate action; to provide professional activities and services that enhance the leadership role of superintendents; to encourage and provide leadership that works continually to advance public education and to increase community interest in and support of improved schools; to foster an effective process of educational administration; to assist in solving challenges of organization and planning that arise as a result of the improvement process; to enhance the effectiveness of preparatory and in-service training for educational personnel; to place prime importance on the upgrading of teaching and learning and the improvement of curriculum to address the needs of the twenty-first century citizens; to insist on the provision of equal rights for all students, families, and school personnel; and to seek all other appropriate means of achieving the association’s educational and charitable goals.

VASS Staff

Ben Kiser

Executive Director

Andy Stamp

Associate Executive Director

Tom Smith

Legislative Liaison,
Educational Services Review Program Director

Marcus Newsome

Leadership Academy Director,
Digital Content Developer

Liza Scallet

Administrative Assistant,
Accounts Manager

Support Personel

  • Laura Fornash:
    McGuire Woods
    Legislative Advocate
  • Craig Wood:
    McGuire Woods
    Legal Counsel
  • Angela Sullivan:
    Tax and Finance Advisor
  • Jennifer Stevens:
    Virginia Ed Strategies
    LMS Support
  • Margie Wiley:
    Raymond James/Freedom Street
    Investment Advisor

Member Advocacy

  • Collaboration and advocacy with state and legislative agencies including the Governor, Secretary of Education, General Assembly, State Board of Education, Department of Education, Virginia Chamber of Commerce, Virginia Municipal League, and Virginia Association of Counties.

  • Collaboration and advocacy with education association partners including the Virginia School Boards Association, Virginia Education Association, Virginia Parent Teacher Association, Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals, Virginia Association of Elementary School Principals, Virginia Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, Virginia Public Education Coalition, Virginia Association of School Business Officials, Virginia Community College System, and the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia.

  • Collaboration and advocacy with national partners including the American Association of School Superintendents (AASA) and the Association of State Executives to provide members with information and trends at the national level and to influence policies and legislation established by Congress and the U.S. Department of Education.

Member Professional Development

  • Sponsor a fall conference, winter conference, and a spring conference for the membership, in either a face-to-face or virtual format, in order to inform, network, establish advocacy platforms, and to monitor the association’s operational effectiveness.

  • Sponsor 4-6 workshops throughout the school year, in a virtual or face-to-face format, to assist membership and district personnel with topics and issues pertinent to the operational requirements of local school districts.

  • Provide opportunities for the membership to participate in national events through the AASA, in order to stay abreast of current research, trends, and best practices.

  • Sponsor the Virginia Superintendents Leadership Academy (VSLA), a 12-month competency-based training program designed for sitting Virginia superintendents who desire to serve as leading change agents through innovation and deeper learning in their school districts. VSLA bases its curriculum on the acquisition of leadership competencies identified in the Profile of a Virginia Leader, and is specifically designed to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of Virginia superintendents.

Member Services

  • Provide educational review services to the membership in a timely manner and at a low cost, in order to assist the membership and their boards in making operational and policy decisions.

  • Provide legal assistance to the membership at no cost for up to one hour each year (Craig Wood - McGuireWoods, LLC).

  • Provide executive coaching at no cost to new superintendents during their first year to assist with their transition into the most important educational leadership position in Virginia.

  • Partner with Virginia Association of School Business Officials to provide financial services support for members when needed, through a cadre of retired school business officials, and through jointly sponsored events for members and district financial personnel.

  • VASS Senior Partner, DotCom Therapy, will provide at no charge three 50-minute sessions with a mental health professional for each VASS member, four separate “office hours” for VASS members to discuss issues related to mental health care for employees, and access to professional development resources, as well as discounts for mental health services for staff and students.

  • Provide the membership with timely information, disseminated through the association’s structure of VASS Officers, VASS Board of Directors, and Regional Meeting Groups, as well as electronic communications. VASS staff attends all of the regional meetings and the State Superintendent’s Leadership Council Meetings in order to share relevant information and receive input on current educational issues.

  • Conduct surveys and collect data to help members make local decisions and to inform other members of current practices. Data collected on behalf of members are available through the membership private portal on VASS’s website, and through the VASS Forum (LMS platform).

  • Maintain a database of retired educational leaders for VASS members to contact when short-term vacancies occur and an interim is desired, and to assist with Executive Coaching and Educational Service Reviews.

  • Encourage retired superintendents to continue to stay involved in public education through membership in VASS, participation in VASS events, and in the provision of services to current members.

  • Partner with businesses that can provide products and services to the membership and local school districts.

Member Communication

VASS staff members are the faces of the association and facilitate the implementation and effectiveness of all services provided. The staff work hard to ensure the quality of the current services and, as appropriate, to expand services on behalf of the membership. VASS services are funded through four streams of revenue: membership dues, business partnerships, professional development, and educational reviews. Efforts are always in place to garner revenue from sources other than membership dues in order to support and increase the services provided to VASS members.

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